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AC & Heating—Reducing Repair Stress

Breakdowns are a part of life, but some are more stressful than others. If the light in your closet won't work, the repair can wait. But what if it's 95 degrees, you're expecting a house full of company, it's 5 p.m. on Friday, and your central AC quits? Not so good!

Here are some things you can do beforehand to reduce "repair stress."

Plan Ahead

General: Replace your air filter on a regular basis; usually once a month is sufficient. A dirty filter can load up your evaporator coil, stop up the condensate drain, cause water to drip through the ceiling, and give you considerable stress. I suggest you read my special report on Air Filters.

In the Fall, before the first cold spell, try your furnace to see if it works. Notice the odd odor. The lint that has accumulated during the summer is being burned off. By planning ahead, you can make necessary repairs on a non-emergency basis. You may want to have a comfort specialist check your furnace before the heating season.

In the Spring: Have your air conditioning system serviced by a professional. A spring checkup covers items that might be overlooked when the call is for an emergency. If you want repair stress, forget the spring checkup.

Making it Happen

I've given things you can do to prevent a stressful breakdown in your comfort system. Still, the best you can hope for is fewer breakdowns. So what do you do when the system just outright quits?

If you already have a trusted repairman, Word Of Mouth Pages can expedite the repair process. If you don't have a repairman, we will improve your chances of finding the right man.

"My Directory," your personal online service directory, will make sure you don't lose his phone number. That's assuming you're a registered Kool Kustomer. Fortunately registration is free, and besides that it's easy.

Prepare for Koolness,

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p.s. If you have yet to register as a Kool Kustomer, there's no better time than now. Preparation is the key to koolness.

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