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Leaving Feedback

Yellow Pages Advertising

An expensive Yellow Pages Ad is one way for a contractor to get more work. When you call for service, your repair bill will include the cost of that ad.

A Better Way—Leave Feedback

  • Next time, he'll remember the good things you said.
  • Your good words will send more business his way.
  • His Yellow Pages Ad may become history.

Can You Recommend a Good Repairman?

Our goal is to promote good servicemen. No one is perfect, so be careful with your feedback. If your repairman makes a mistake, the two of you can settle the matter privately. NEVER leave negative feedback about a good repairman.

A Neutral Situation

When the situation is neutral or there's a personality clash, DON'T leave feedback.

Don't Major on Minors

Your first priority is a good job, done within the time frame to which the contractor commits. Everything else is peripheral.

A Reference Website

www.angieslist.com is a similar website. They grade the serviceman on punctuality. That's a huge mistake!

Word of Mouth Pages

Your serviceman is not to be rushed. The time of his arrival depends on weather, traffic, and the uncertain nature of a previous job. A good repair job is worth the wait. See Scheduling for additional information.


Positive feedback will be posted immediately. Negative feedback will be reviewed before being posted.

We Depend on One Another

Your repair experience is unique, and only you can tell others. On behalf of your contractor and your neighbors, I thank you.

Have a kool day,

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