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Advertising Limitations

Word of Mouth Pages Authority

Preferred Kontractor Advertising is reserved for contractors who do quality work at a reasonable price, and pay Word of Mouth Pages a reasonable advertising fee..

Everyone who advertises in the Word of Mouth Pages Service Directory accepts our authority. All applications are subject to Word of Mouth Pages approval. This applies to both Entry Level and Preferred Kontractor Advertising. To preserve the integrity of this directory, any listing may be refused, suspended, or rescinded at any time at the sole discretion of Word of Mouth Pages. Paid advertising funds will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

Advertising Boundaries

  • We welcome companies that build, install, service, or repair. That includes, for example, house cleaning, tax preparation, supply houses, and rental companies. (Oil field is not included.)
  • Major retailers can advertise as a supplier or for rentals, but not for subcontracted services. Our goal is personal service, and we feel service companies are better equipped to do that.
  • General Contractors are welcome with the understanding that follows: They will advertise as general contractors and in categories only within their area of expertise. A general contractor, for example, cannot advertise that he does AC repair unless he has a licensed AC repairman on his payroll.
  • This is not to limit what a general contractor does, only how he advertises in Word of Mouth Pages. "Why?" You ask. For repairs or a stand-alone installation, a customer may take bids from both a general and a regular contractor, and we choose not to be a party to that.
  • We do not accept advertising from manufacturers. That is not our purpose. We welcome, for example, the AC contractor and the supply house, but not the AC manufacturer.
  • We choose not to list real estate, insurance, legal, medical, dental, social workers, beauty, or animal services.

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