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Pets on the Premises

Everyone loves a soft little kitty or a playful pooch, but your pet can interfere with the repairman. Dogs love attention and cats are curious. Over the years I have had some interesting interactions with animals:

  • Both cats and dogs have followed me into the attic. And cats sometimes have to be rescued.
  • I was given a key to the apartment, and accidently let the dog out—I had to chase him down and bring him back.
  • One dog carried off an expensive meter and deposited it in the bushes at the back of the yard. It took some searching before I found it.
  • Even nice dogs seem to get under foot and prove to be distracting.
  • I have been scratched by well meaning dogs who are just trying to be friendly.
  • The pit bull next door was loaded for bear—growling, snarling, and jumping. All he had to do was get a running start, and he could easily have cleared the fence. Now that was scary.
  • Twice as a youngster I was bitten by dogs. If you'll pardon the pun, they made an impression on me.
  • Finally the repairman works with electricity, power tools, and ladders. The repairman could be distracted—either he or the pet could be injured or electrocuted.


You call a repairman because something needs to be fixed. You pay good money for his expertise. If your pet slows him down, you also pay for the extra time. When I visit my friends Mark and Nancy, I love to play with their cute little dog. When they call me to fix their AC, Fido is best put in a spare room or in the pet porter.

Your pet and the repairman simply cannot share the same space. For everyone's benefit, please, please put your pet in a safe place. The repairman will love you for it, and your critter will adjust.

Be Pet Kool,

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