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Nothing Beats Success

There is a strange human tendency to ignore, belittle, or dismiss the expertise of successful people. Instead, we substitute our untried ideas, and expect superior results.

This article gives two examples, which include a man, his wife, and three companies—all with fictitious names. The stories are true.

Quality Mechanical

Charles built an AC company, that I call Quality Mechanical. It was a large company that provided many jobs, and ran several trucks. Quality had rightfully earned the respect of their customers—even their competitors. It was a premier AC company.

Charles once said, "If anything happens to me, my wife will run the business into the ground." His words were prophetic. Charles died of a heart attack, and six years later the business closed. The company could not be sold, because there was nothing left. I was saddened to see the assets being offered in garage-sale fashion.

Charles had built a fabulous infrastructure that was pretty much running itself. If his wife had left everything in place, the business might have been self-sustaining. Good people were in key positions, and they were making wise decisions.

Charles' wife ignored the expertise of her husband. She made changes that hurt the business. The good employees left, and some of them opened businesses in competition with Quality Mechanical.

The Lesson to be Learned

Success is sufficient evidence Charles knew how to run a business. God has given different people different talents, and we should rejoice when we see in someone else a talent or capability God has not given us. Someone who has never run a business should not presume that he can step in, change the operation, and then expect continued success.

The Application

Ephesians 5:21 says we are to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Created in the image of God, each of us has a Divine spark within that gives rise to a unique creativity.

I don't care how gifted you are in your field, there's always someone who has a better idea, and that better idea may come from the janitor. As you respect your janitor, you will remain open for that better idea—when it comes, you'll be ready. This is called humility, and it's required, before one can call himself a Christian. If you're not a Christian, just think of it as good business strategy.

A company failed because a wife did not honor the business prowess of her deceased husband. What happens when a customer fails to respect the capabilities of his repairman? The opportunist repairman can take advantage of the situation.

A Lower Price May Outbid Success

Let's say you have dealt with Integrity AC & Heating for years, and found them to be competent, dependable, honest, and compassionate. You are faced with a major repair or replacement expense, and they have given you a quotation. The temptation is to look for a cheaper price, and there is always someone who will do the job for less. But, to accept the lower price, one has to leave behind his successful business relationship, and embrace a new and untried one.

The Cut Rate Repairman

Usually you get what you pay for. Repairmen who are less competent often work for people who are looking for a lower price. Birds of a feather tend to flock together. You may get a repairman who lacks competence, but there's another possibility.

Foot-In-The-Door AC & Heating Co.

This company is competent, but more sneaky than the cut rate repairman. They will bid lower to get the job, and then make up the lost revenue later. Repairs are often done on an emergency basis. The repairman has the customer over a barrel, and may take advantage of the situation.

As a contractor, I have pretty good knowledge of what is considered a fair market price for repairs, but the customer may not be informed. The opportunist repairman may charge double or more for the job. He usually waits for an authorization before proceeding—that's how it works. I will give two examples involving the same AC company.

First Example

This customer is a neighbor of mine—I'll call him Bob. He had just been billed a huge amount for repairs, and called me to complain. Amongst other things, Foot-In-The-Door had replaced a flame sensor, and charged him $60. Actually, it didn't have to be replaced. Just to polish the flame sensor with steel wool would have been sufficient.

I said to Bob, "When this company replaced your entire system, the price was pretty reasonable—is that not correct?"

"You're right," he admitted.

I replied, "That's how they operate. They bid low to get the installation, and then make it up when it comes time for repairs."

Foot-In-The-Door, by the way, uses Flat Rate Pricing, and for that reason does not qualify as a Preferred Kontractor.

Second Example

One of my customers was impressed with my work, and recommended me to his brother-in-law. My bid was to replace an entire AC & heating system. Foot-In-The-Door AC & Heating underbid me, and got the job. If he follows the same pattern, he will patiently wait for the opportunity, and then sell repairs at inflated prices.

Don't be a Price Shopper

You need to find a repairman who is competent, dependable, honest, and compassionate. If he is faithful in all these, he will be honest in his pricing. Stick with him, and follow his advice—consider yourself blessed. Success is to be admired and respected. Respect the man, and give glory to the God in whose image the man is made.

Respect and Reverence,

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Dr. Kool

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