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Why Word of Mouth Pages?

On 4/15/07 Dr. Ben Welch, professor at Texas A&M University gave the sermon at First Baptist Bryan, TX.

Proven Keys To Success In Christ

His points are as follows:

  • Determination
  • Industrious
  • Futuristic
  • Friendship
  • Encouragement
  • Respect
  • Example
  • Name
  • Character
  • Enthusiasm

His sermon is available on CD for $5 by calling First Baptist at 979 776 1400.

The first letters of the ten points spell the word DIFFERENCE.

Word of Mouth Pages is an online service directory. It was designed to make a difference in our community, and incorporates all ten of Dr. Welch's points. The idea is to improve and elevate relationships between repairmen, and those who use their services. With determination, industry, and enthusiasm—in the spirit of friendship, and with help from my friends, I have put together Dr. Kool's Word of Mouth Pages.

The Way of The Future

In my Provider Invitation, I referred to the horse and buggy days of printed phone directories. More and more people are conducting business online. Usage of printed phone books will decrease, and online directories will increase—it's the way of the future.

We've tried to make Word of Mouth Pages, the “sharpest tool in the shed,” but there's always room for improvement. If you have corrections, or ideas for improvement, be sure and contact me. Together we will make a difference.

Why Choose Word of Mouth Pages?

  • Your company probably already has a free listing.
  • Registration is free, and it gives you complete control over your listing. We encourage you to register as a contractor.
  • Cell phone listings are welcome—no need to pay for an expensive business line.
  • You can list different company names or different companies—as many as you want. No charge!
  • You can choose different listing categories for each company—as many as you want. Still no charge!
  • A printed directory is set in concrete for a full year. Not so, with Word of Mouth Pages!
  • You can enroll or drop out of the program at any time. (Paid advertising comes with a 30 day revolving contract.)
  • You can update your contact or business information—online, at any time.
  • When you register, you automatically receive a free Entry Level Listing. But, you'll be offered the opportunity to move up to a Preferred Kontractor Listing.
  • No matter what level of advertising you choose, you will be treated with respect. We will serve you. (Jesus came as a servant—see Luke 22:27—and so do we.)

Our prices are reasonable, and the service is fabulous. It couldn't be kooler. Our goal is full contractor participation.

Check it Out!

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Dr. Kool

p.s. If you're a reputable dealer, we encourage you to register as a contractor—it's free! You can then log in, check the accuracy of your listing information, and make necessary changes. But, we have to approve your application before your listing will actually appear in the directory.

As a service to you and to our community we want to maintain an accurate, up to date directory. Periodically, we will remind you to log in and update your info.

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