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Kontractor Profile: Anchor Foundation Repair Co

2924 Cain Rd
College Station 77845
Areas Served:
Local and Out of Town
Ken Tripp
Service Categories:
  • Service Line:
    Customers Served:
    Residential and Commercial
    Primary Services:
    Foundation Repair
    Additional Services:
    Free Inspections and Estimates
    In Business Since:
    Preferred Kontractor Since:
    October 2008
    Employee Count:
    Vehicle Count:
    Certifications & Affiliations:
    Member Better Business Bureau
    Additional Information:
    Out-of-town jobs welcome.
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    Hours of Operation:
    8-5 Monday-Friday
    By the Job
    Payment Options:
    Check, Cash, Visa or MC
    Customer Protection:
    Liability Insurance???
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